a very nice robin’s eggs and nest we saw at Virginia Beach which of course bears no resemblance to my hair

They say that we are never happy with what we have. We always want to have what we don’t have. Case in point, my straight hair – I’ve been cursed with stick straight hair. I’ve done a lot of things to it and no matter how good the cut sometimes it will always revert to its old form – laying straight to the ground like gravity pulled it down big time. I had a perm last month and my curls are disappearing. Yes, the bouncy, wavy yummy curls I was raving about a few weeks back has been transformed into a soggy ugly mass of bird’s nest hair. (No offense to the birds.) I’ve tried everything! I did what the hairdresser said :

1. not to comb it (no problem, I only comb once anyways when I had straight hair and that was right after a shower)

2. shampoo every other day (that was a challenge since I shampoo my hair every day but I did what she said)

3. use the gooey stuff after shampooing (check)

 And still this!!!! I put my hair up on bad hair days and pray to God DH doesn’t see it or he’ll chastise me again for spending money on something that does not last. So far he hasn’t noticed. Maybe me wearing short shorts has something to do with it. LOL

So what is it with humans? We are never truly satisfied. People with straight hair want some curls and people with curls want straight hair. Working people would rather stay home and stay-at-home people want to work. Single women want a family and married women wants the single life. I am not generalizing, of course. There will always be the few who are satisfied with some aspects of their lives but come on, who are we kidding? They have to have some dissatisfaction in their lives!

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  1. Grey mom, LOL! And here I am wishing I had straight gorgeous hair like yours. Instead I end up with these thin strands, that does nothing but fly away in all directions. Which is why I don’t bother looking at the mirror anymore. haha

  2. hi — i’ve decided to let my natural curls go away in 2001, by having my hair treated. i enjoyed it but i noticed the curls are back again or maybe i am just having a bad hair day, huh? whatever, i am planning to have my hair cut so short nobody wld notice if my hair is straight or curling, except maybe me 🙂

  3. Here in Manila everyone wants to have straight hair. As in stick straight hair. The beauty parlors offer all sorts of treatments for it. Rebond, renew, reborn, relax, rejoice..lahat lahat na. Kung sa Manila ka, usong-uso ka.

  4. @smarie: I don’t comb my hair that much to start with when I had straight hair. I was teased by friends that even if I tumble and fall and roll my hair will still be straight without a strand out of place. Palit kaya tayo? 😀
    @Raqgold: I love short hair too! And with wavy hair! Oooh!!! LOL
    @Kong: Nye, mali pala ang location ko 😦 dito naman mas uso ang wavy hair kesa straight. As in kung anu-anong volume enhancer ek ek ang mina market for wavy hair daw.
    Oy pero, ladies, have you seen Katie Holmes’ latest haircut? I want that too! LOL like I said – dissatisfaction

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