Grey’s Season 3

So it turns out I am not alone in my disappointment with this season. A lot of fans expressed concern about where the show is going. Turns out they felt strongly about it that they had to write a letter. And I agree with this article. We watch the show because it is an escape from reality. That in the face of all hardships, adversities and challenges of life or even the monotony of our boring lives we can live vicariously through them. So when things happen and it seems like another failed attempt at a show, people rise up and want their voices heard. I hope the writers and producers listen. Otherwise it will just be another show.

It is all reruns here now in North America and we patiently wait for Season 4 which starts in September. For now we content ourselves with watching reruns. IMHO, I still prefer the 1st and 2nd season. Season 3 didn’t do that much for me but I continued watching. Religously. It’s hard to let go when you have get invested in the characters. So you wait patiently and hope that one day it will come back again. The old Grey’s, the show that sucked me in the 1st and 2nd season. Shonda Rhimes (the producer) promises that Season 4 is going to be good. That it will be the same Grey’s we fell inlove with. But she also said that Addison will not have a spin off.

And now that there will be one less cast member (Isaiah Washington got fired, just in case you didn’t hear it yet), it’s not going to be the same. Granted that he was hard to work with, that he had anger management issues and a homophobic too but Grey’s won’t be the same. I just hope they get to replace him with a new character as ineteresting as Dr. Burke. Personally I don’t like IW either, I liked Dr. Burke. He was a good friend to George (which was ironical because in real life we know how it is) and Izzie and could have been close to McDreamy as well. I just hope McDreamy and McSteamy become best friends again. Izzie and Alex to find each other and be a couple again and McBarwhore (as she’s fondly called in MBs) to go away. I hope Season 4 won’t disappoint.

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  1. Hi GreyMom..I’m a recent convert to Grey’s. Started lang in Season 2. Season 3 just started here sa Pinas so you can imagine how behind we are. I’m also watching the entire Season 1 on DVD (pirated) just to catch up. So it’s a bit mixed up for me because I go back and forth. But I love it. Dito sa amin pag Wednesday at 9:30pm walang kumakausap sa akin. Hindi pwede istorbohin 🙂

  2. Hi Kong, season 1 and 2 are really good that’s why I got hooked. I’m the same way too- Thursday nites at 9 pm naman dito sa amin so I cook dinner early and retreat to the family room to watch TV. I don’t answer phone calls nor can anyone disturb me or else!
    I’ve been wanting to write about the episode right after they air but I can’t because I might spoil it for a lot of people and I don’t want to do that. So eto, muni muni na lang ako. 😉

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