Raves of a Proud Momma

My 3rd grader G had his reading and writing celebration today (June 8, 2007 1:30 pm). It is basically the day when the students show their parents and guardians their work for the year with regards to reading and writing. They usually have published books which they authored and drew themselves. The teachers just edits and make sure the tenses are correct, punctuations are in place. Other than that it’s the child’s own words and his own ideas. G’s was really good! And I’m not saying that because I’m one proud momma but because he really did good. The words he used just blew me away! The sequence is good and even though it’s fiction it made sense. His was entitled “The Chronicles of Stinky Bean”. It’s a story about a stinky bean and his adventures to save his land.

He also participated in a play where he played the part of a “wealthy man”. He was initially slated to play “peasant man” but the boy who played “wealthy man” was absent so G stepped in and played his part. He just practised in the morning and did the play in the afternoon! I felt so bad that I wasn’t able to videotape the whole event. Dh cannot go because of his job so I will always videotape their programs. But this time when G’s teacher announced that he’s substituting, I thought that it was a) a small part b) not his original play and his play will come in later. To my dismay, he was playing a major role with long dialogues and this was the one and only play. Needless to say I felt like kicking myself in the head for not having the foresight to videotape it anyways. Blame it on the video recorder. It only had 10 minutes left so I was trying to save the batteries. But no crying over spilled milk. He did a very good job! He added his own twist to the character by giving him an English accent. I told him he sounds British but he insisted it was English. LOL. The audience loved him and one parent even commented at the end of the program that my son is a natural actor. I was basking in my son’s greatness and could have frozen that moment when he was grinning ear to ear, pleased with himself.

At the end of the program we had cookies and lemonade. To add a feather to his cap, G went and got me some cookies – “chocolate chip for you, Mommy and sugar cookie for me” , handed it to me and went again and got 2 glasses of lemonade. Aaaah, couldn’t this have been a perfect day?

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  1. I love the idea of the book, what a great school project. At ang galing naman ni G sa play nila! That does sound like every mom’s idea of a perfect day 🙂 no worries about the videotape, it looks like there will be lots of plays in his future, and yours!

  2. Good job!! I can imagine how proud you must be of your son. Tama si Christianne, there will be more plays and more books. It doesn’t matter if you were not able to videotape, as long as it is fresh in your mind and in your heart you’ll be fine. 🙂

  3. oh my! your son’s so sweet! i would be proud too if he were my son. so how does it feel to be a stage mom? i haven’t had the chance to be one yet 😀

    as christianne has said, the book seems to be a great idea. imagine, having written a “book” already at that young age.

  4. @ Christianne: Thanks, I do hope so too. The thing is he’s just starting to come out of his shell. And now he’s really participating and it makes me happy. Sana nga he gets to participate in more plays. I’m enjoying being a stage mother. LOL

    @ Kong: Aaaww, you are so right. I do have the memories that I can always “rewind” in my mind. 😉 Thanks! Touched naman ako!

    @Smarie: I am sooo loving being a stage Mom! I was teary eyed the whole performance but my heart was swelling with pride. And yes, the book was really a great idea. I’m glad his teachers thought of it. Sana nga every year meron ano?

  5. A budding actor and writer. You have an artist in your family, eh?

    Great idea to come up with a book. When my daughter was at that age, she had lots of self-made books, handwritten and hand-drawn. She still does them but only a few works have been made now.

    Be proud, Mary! Cheers!

  6. Perfect day indeed. Your son is one amazing kid 🙂

  7. @ Julie: Aren’t I lucky? Both of my sons have been making their own books and comic books ever since they can draw. They took Cartooning classes last year too but it was more drawing than writing so I was pleasantly surprised when G came up with this book. Ang sama ko nga, I even asked his teacher if those were his own words. LOL

    @Dexie: Thanks! I’m glad to have him.

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