Horoscope for the Day

Roses by the Smithsonian, Washington D.C.

I am not by any means a hard core astrology fan nor do I let my horoscope for the day dictate what I will and will not do. I read it and let it go, never taking it to heart. Sometimes though, the daily horoscope gets to me. But it’s more of an introspection than an epiphany.

This what I have for the day:

You feel like a drop of water in an ocean of opinions. But you matter. You contribute. You make a difference. Speak up, and don’t wait to be called on to do so.

This is exactly what I feel about blogging. Am I good enough to be heard? Do my opinions matter to anyone else? Although I put down my thoughts in writing to be able to look back on it (and it is way more convenient and faster than the conventional pen and paper), what other people think matter. Sometimes they matter a lot. Do people who read my blog like what they read? Do they have opinions on what I read? What do they think? Of the millions of blogs out there, I feel incredibly inferior and small and irrelevant sometimes. On the other hand, the women at pinoymomsnetwork are so awesome. A group of great minds. Mothers who make a difference. Those are blogs you would want to read. And there are a lot more blogs which are educational, and thought provoking. Me? I’m just me. Just like what Meredith said to George about Addison: “she’s Isabela freaking Rosellini and I’m… me!” But this horoscope makes me feel like I matter. And that sometimes it doesn’t matter what others think. What matters is that I think, that I speak up. And that I matter.

See, sometimes horoscopes aren’t bad at all. 

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  1. Right on, greymom. Enough of politicians’ twaddle and celebrities’ inanities. Let’s write about what is real. That is our best credential.

  2. Do not belittle yourself, Mary. We all have our own writing styles. We all have a place under the sun. In this case, in the world of blogosphere. We all have stories to tell from our experiences and no one can take that away from us. Just blog about those events/thoughts you want to share and enjoy doing what you do! (((hugs)))

  3. Thanks, Connie. Coming from you, it means a lot.

    ((((hugs)))) Julie. Thank you too. You’re one of the bloggers I admire (sipsip.hehehe). Thanks again!

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