My Kids – on TV and Food

On TV:

When the kids were younger I didn’t let them watch regular TV shows. I was very careful with what they see on TV fearing negative influences. And so during their first 3 or 4 years they can only watch the Discovery channel, Sesame Street, Barney, Teletubbies and some other learning shows. We had a complete Walt Disney movie collection which started my eBay addiction then (more about my eBay addiction in another post). I bought tapes of ABC’s and Math and every learning shows I can get my hands on. I bought them learning books, encouraged them to doodle and write and draw and tinker on the computer with learning cd’s. I read to them all the time and syllabicated every word.  I think it all paid off because they were able to read early on and they are voracious readers. They’re very good artists too so I’m glad all those reams of paper didn’t go to waste. And then they went to school. They heard about these TV shows that they can’t relate to when other kids will talk about it. They watched these TV shows with commercials peddling everything from toys to sugary junk food. That’s when they started to be aware of these things. And so when we went to groceries they begged to have them because they want to know what it tastes like. Being the kind of Mom that I am (read:gullible), I bought them these food because I reasoned with my husband, you don’t want them to feel left out. DH disagreed but I eventually won (as I most often do). Then at least they were able to decide for themselves if they liked it or not. At least, I told DH, they won’t be wondering forever what it is and how it tastes like. Now that they’re bigger they watch regular shows but I would like to think the first few years made a difference.


On Food: 

My husband and I taught them to eat whatever’s on the table. Adobo, sinigang, pancit canton and pork chop are their most favorite foods next to mac and cheese. They also love sardines. On our recent trip to the Philippines, DH’s relatives laughed when they asked my son G what he wanted to eat and he said, matter-of-factly: “sardines is fine with me”. It was a hoot! To this day both of my boys eat rice with meat or fish. They love fish! Especially fried tilapia with soy sauce, onions and vinegar as “sawsawan”. And they know how to eat with their hands too! My older son C eats most of his food with Mang Tomas all-around sarsa. And speaking of Mang Tomas, one day when we went to the Filipino store he got all excited. “G, come here!” he called his brother. G came on the other aisle and I heard them both let out an audible sigh. I came round the corner, checking to see what caught their attention. There in front of the both of them were bottles and bottles of Mang Tomas. C (with eyes as big as golf balls): “Whoa! This is the most number of bottles of Mang Tomas I’ve ever seen in my entire life!”.  G (with mouth agape): “Yeah”. 😀

Now if only I can get them to eat their veggies like purplegirl

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  1. Rock on, grey mom! So good to hear another pinay mom on the same wavelength as me. Incidentally, I’ve never taught my son how to eat with his hands but it’s about time. I’m so glad you mentioned it.

    By the way, your C’s fondness for Mang Tomas is so cute.

  2. Hi!!

    Reading your article felt like reading my diary. I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. Both my husband and I come from families that are so “maselan”. We both decided to go the other way by teaching our kids to eat whatever is served on the table. Just like you.

    Now, my kids are the “bidas” when we have family gatherings. They are the only kids who openly enjoy “pritong isda”, kangkong, and most Pinoy regional delicacies. And they can eat with their hands too!!

    P.S. For some reason they can’t seem to enjoy fastfood spaghetti. 🙂
    And your links work fine. 🙂

  3. @Purplegirl: Ditto. I was so inspired by your post. Thanks! To this day, whenever I remember that Mang Tomas incident, natatawa pa din ako. 😀
    About eating with their hands – one day C had a playmate come over and as they were eating, C used his hands while eating roast chicken. His playmate only stared and didn’t say anything. C ate with gusto with no cares in the world! 😀 G on the other hand uses both hands, one for a spoon and one for a fork, I guess. LOL

    @Kongkong622: Isn’t it such a great feeling whenever your kids are “bidas” in family gatherings? Somehow you feel that you raised them right. Nakakataba ng puso.
    My kids don’t like fastfood spaghetti either. They prefer my version – with hotdogs and sugar.

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