I had lunch yesterday with 2 of my friends. We go out as much as our schedule permits, which is about once every two months. Other than that we see each other at the gym. Since I don’t go as much as they do, I see them two times a week at the most. I know, I’m bad. Sometimes I feel like the money goes to waste but I have a lot of excuses really, believe me!

Anywho, yesterday we opted to eat somewhere close as D had an appointment later in the day. We went to the Thai restaurant nearby. Meeting time was at 12 noon. I was late because I had to circle the parking lot 3 times before finally getting a spot. When I came in, they were both having drinks and a salad. We proceeded to order and C was showing D a catalog of short hairstyles. She also brought along a scrapbook that her DIL gave her for Mother’s Day showing her evolving hairstyles throughout the years.

BTW, D is French and we used to work together. She’s basically my work-out buddy. She never fails to call me on my cel whenever I don’t show up at the gym. She’s petite and in great shape. She’s the wine connoiseur and being French, finds American food bland. C, on the other hand is a former senator’s ex-wife. She’s the typical All-American girl with ash blond hair. She’s very pretty and she does so much stuff and involved with almost everything there is, she makes me and D look bad. She’s a college professor, volunteers for the food bank, reads to the blind, belongs to book clubs, well you get the picture. Last Fall she went to Maine for 6 weeks just so she can take pictures and spend some time alone. The things these two women have in common is that they’re both divorcees. And me? The thing that we all have in common is that we work out in the same gym and we’re all mothers.  D and I used to work together so we know each other. When we saw C, we decided to invite her to lunch and that’s where it all started. Oh and it’s not just working out where we have stuff in common. We all love to read and we’re all opinionated. We talk about politics, the war, current events, motherhood and a lot more stuff. All of our lunches are packed with a lot of discussion and exchanging of ideas. Being the younger of the 2 women though sometimes I feel juvenile especially when they discuss opera and a lot more stuff you can only gain through years of experience. They don’t make me feel inferior at all and I appreciate that. We all just genuinely like each other. Sure we disagree on a lot of stuff but we somehow manage to debate, argue and shout at each other and still end of being friends.

Moms need this. A little alone time when we get together with other people. This is one of the things I look forward to – my lunchdates with my friends. DH is happy too and makes it a point to ask how my lunchdate went and what we ate. Gotta love him for that.

D is going to France for the summer and C is going to South Dakota. I complained that I will be left alone but they reminded me that I’ll be in Florida. Right. They get to jetset to exotic locales where they can sip wine in patios, get to hike or do whatever they do in South Dakota and I will babysit my nieces and the 2 boys in Florida. LOL

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  1. Lunch dates, that was what PMN had last Saturday. Hope when you come visit the country I would be able to see you, 🙂

  2. Aaaaww, that’s so sweet, Julie. I am deeply honored that you would want to meet yours truly. Sure thing, we’ll probably have one of our mommy lunches next time I’m there. 😉

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