My Take on Mother’s Day (the bah-humbug version)

Maybe I am in the minority but I do not like making a big deal about Mother’s Day. For me, it’s a little too commercial. We can always go out to eat and have fun on other days without standing in line for hours to go to restaurants. And then waiting for yet an hour to be served. And by the time the food’s served, I will be way too tired to enjoy the meal.

Maybe I am getting old. The noise, the standing in line gets to me now. It makes me cranky and irritated and antsy.

Maybe I just don’t want to expect a lot anymore. I have been disappointed way too many times that I have just resigned myself to the fact that I will be let down in the end.

Maybe I am getting too cynical. In this day and age, I feel like showing these emotions in just a day when you can show it anyway in other days is just too superficial to me.

Maybe I have gotten a little too picky. It used to be my husband will buy me flowers, chocolates and gifts galore and I will try to look pleased but deep inside I am wishing he spent the money on more practical things. I don’t think I deserve nice things and for the full retail price too! The horror!

Maybe I am just unhappy with how I am right now. My present state of mind and my present emotional stage in life is such at a low point. My self esteem is suffering just as well.

Maybe I am just not into this whole celebration thing.

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