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So here I am, not a week into my new-hair-phase and I am still trying to figure out how to style it. Well, not really style it because all I have to do is to put this hair setting lotion thing and I’m done. Did the hairdresser say to put it on while my hair is wet? Does that mean I dry it up a little bit first (no blow dryers for me! she said because I’ll lose my curl real quick) by wringing it in a towel and then put the setting lotion on? Where do I start? Do I do it from the roots to the tip of my hair? Do I bend over just to make sure the hair underneath gets the same treatment as the hair on top and make it more voluminous? I curse myself for not writng down the instructions she gave me. I thought it was simple enough not to forget. What I did for the past few days have been trying to figure out what works best by doing it differently every time. I accidentally put too much setting lotion yesterday and there were globs of hair stuck together. Eeew! But then when it dried it didn’t look too bad. And that’s another thing, I have to dry my hair naturally. Which means I walk around while my hair’s still damp. Why, I haven’t done this since I was in grade school and we had to go to school with damp hair because we’re always running late. Brings back memories, really. LOL
We went to a party last night and my hair got rave reviews. Guess putting gobs of that gooey, slimy hair lotion must have paid off. (Note to self: buy more of that gooey stuff.) They said I looked blooming and that my hair looks much better now. Now wait, does that mean my hair looked horrible before? I didn’t ask. I was basking in my new-hair-greatness.
While I wasn’t able to duplicate the way my hairdresser styled my hair with bouncy, soft curls, I am okay with my hair so far.
These pictures of these famous women shows how my hair looks like. Don’t get any ideas though, I bear no resemblance whatsoever with these women. 😉 Keira Knightley’s hair with the bangs is what my friend Y’s hair is right now.

So what is it really about hair that women are so obssessed about? It can make or break a face. How you look like would depend greatly on how your hair plays up your best facial feature. So yeah, having great hair is a big deal.

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  1. Hi Mary,
    I think you put the gooey stuff when your hair has been toweled dry and still damp. Volumizers are like that.

  2. The photos! Where are the photos?

  3. @Tina: Thanks! Kasi naman before when I had straight hair all I did was comb it after I take a bath and that’s it. Didn’t put anything on it so I didn’t have any idea about all those products. This one takes more effort pero sige na nga, for a change.

    @Julie: Still trying to figure out how to have my pic taken where you can see the hair without the face ’cause you can’t see the curl that much at the back of my head. For now, let Diane Lane and Sheryl Crow be me. I have balck hair though and not blond 😉

  4. […] down big time. I had a perm last month and my curls are disappearing. Yes, the bouncy, wavy yummy curls I was raving about a few weeks back has been transformed into a soggy ugly mass of bird’s […]

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