Crowning Glory

After 5 months of a new hairstyle, (I had my hair chopped off in layers and highlighted in the PI), I decided it was time for a change. I called my Korean friend and asked her to come with me. I don’t trust anyone to touch my hair except for tried and true hairdressers. In this case, it’s a Korean hairdresser (couldn’t find a Filipina) who speaks about less than 50 english words. I needed my friend to translate for me and it was also an excuse so we can have lunch together.
At first all I wanted to do was have my hair trimmed and highlighted or colored, nothing drastic really. It’s not like I want to go blond or anything. Just something new as my hair has grown really long (about the length where the bra strap is) and having stick straight hair has become blah and boring for me. I’ve always been bored with my straight hair. As my friend Y and I have been browsing the hair magazines, we saw these pictures of Asian women with soft big curls and thought “that’s what we wanted”. Gone was the thought of whether we’ll go red or orange for highlights. We were visualizing bouncy, wavy, framing your face curls. She translated for me and the hairdresser worked on her magic. She’s brisk and snappy but she gets the job done. As they gossip in Korean, I stared into the mirror as I looked at my reflection. My hair was being twisted, liquid was poured on and a cap was put in my hair. I had to wait as my hair “baked” and the hairdresser used the time to do my friend’s. Amidst the mountains of Korean magazines and cookbooks, I contented myself with looking at the pictures. The TV was on and thankfully the next show had English subtitles. Finally, after neutralizing, my hair was shampooed. Hairdresser pulled and rinsed and washed my hair as if wrestling with a 500 pound sumo wrestler. After squeezing it dry, I was on the chair again and she proceeded to dry and style my hair. It was well worth it when my hair looked va-voom stylish! The bounce, the wave, the curl was exactly what I got and I was one happy puppy.
I was anxious to show the boys my new hair and waited for them to say something when I picke them up from school. Finally, I asked both of them: “Do you notice anything new with me?”
Older son C: “No, you always look nice”
younger son G:”Yeah”
Me: “look carefully”
younger son G:”your hair’s curly, it’s nice!”
older son C: “oh yeah! you look pretty, Mom”.
I wanted to surprise DH but G spilled the beans over the phone. “Mom’s hair is curly now!” when DH got home, he commented on how good it looks and proceeded to tell me again during the course of the evening. Thank God he didn’t ask how much it cost. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Wala bang picture? πŸ˜‰

  2. hehehe, walang pic, Tina. shy ako eh πŸ˜‰

  3. Where’s the photo? Kahit nakatalikod, if you are shy. πŸ™‚

  4. I plan to have a new hairstyle at a Korean parlor nearby. My 2 girls have tried it already and they look so lovely . Anyway, happy moms day.

  5. Julie, sige I’ll post a pic when i get the chance
    Noemi, go for it, girl! happy moms day to you too!

  6. […] I had a perm last month and my curls are disappearing. Yes, the bouncy, wavy yummy curls I was raving about a few weeks back has been transformed into a soggy ugly mass of bird’s nest hair. (No […]

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