2 hour Grey’s Anatomy epi

I put my life on hold on Thursday nights. It’s my one and only TV night where no one, absolutely no one, can disturb me. Unless it is a matter of life or death, nobody dare disturb me. It is the only day I ask from my family. My ME time. My alone time.
Last night was one big disappointment. I hated last night’s show! They pitched it as a 2 hour show full of drama that will change their lives forever. Well, it was spent 75% on Addison being in LA where the storyline’s weak and the characters weaker. Call me old fashioned but I cringed at that whole surfer/receptionist-guy and the older-doctor’s whole Mrs. Robinson thing. It did nothing for me. They interspersed Grey’s with Addison’s that nothing sank in and the only emotional moment for me I guess was the scene with Izzie and George in the elevator. I was shouting “no, no, no!” all the time but at least I felt some emotion there. As for the others, they were blah!
Whoever had the bright idea of shoving Addison’s pilot down our throats when we should have been watching Grey’s should feel sorry. Why didn’t they just do the 1st hour as purely Grey’s and the 2nd hour as Addison’s instead of putting together snapshots of scenes that doesn’t make sense at all?
This was the first time I was disappointed in Grey’s. I’m hoping this isn’t a preview of things to come. I hope they deliver next week. Otherwise, my Thursdays will just be another ordinary day.

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  1. I wasn’t happy with this GA episode because they mixed it with Addy’s upcoming show. Before the episode I was really excited coz it’s 2hrs.
    Are you gonna watch Addison’s Grey’s spin off? I might give it a try 🙂

  2. I’ll probably watch the spin off too. Just to see how it turns out.

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