Take your Child to Work Day

Yesterday was “Take your Child to work Day” and older son C went with his Dad to work. Younger son G wanted to go too but since DH(Dear Husband) can only take one kid at a time and C already beat him to it, G had to go to school 😦 .
I made sure C had stuff so he won’t get bored. He brought with him some books, his drawing pad, some colored pencils, crayons and drawing pencils. I also made sure he won’t get hungry so I packed him and his Dad loads of food and drinks. He’s going to be with his Dad for 8 hours and I didn’t want to take any chances. It went well, I guess. He didn’t call me until 3 pm to check how I am and to tell me he’s doing okay. He said he’s trying to help Dad do his work and have just been reading and eating. Between you and me though? I think he’s just glad to be out of school and it was such a good opportunity that he had to grab. C is a wise one, anything to get out of school is fine.
Of course there’s only about two months before school ends and summer starts. They don’t want to go to summer camp anymore and since I am not working anyway it wouldn’t make sense nor would it be practical to send them off to camp. They only go to day camp though. I can never bear the thought of sending them to the “real camp” where they sleep and do everything amongst fellow campers and camp counselors. One of my former co-workers said I should cut the ties and that I should let them go to one of those camps. I said, yeah maybe, when they’re 25 years old. LOL
Seriously though, I cannot bear the thought of them spending nights by themselves where they have no family. The thought scares the heck out of me. What with all the horror stories of neglect, abuse and such. Extreme, I know but I cannot help thinking about these things. I cannot even let them go to the public bathroom by themselves how can I let them be out of my sight for weeks?
It’s sad really where our society is now. The streets aren’t safe anymore and it doesn’t matter where you live, how affluent the neighborhood is and what country you are in, predators are everywhere. And so I would be fine to be called an over protective Mom as long as I know my kids are safe.

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