‘Cause You Gotta Have Faith

I just read this article in the Washingtonian Magazine about Arch Campbell. He’s a TV personality who mostly reviewed movies and was diagnosed with colon cancer. He shared some insights about life. Some of which you only realize in the face of death.

“Faith doesn’t have to be religious. It’s an interesting word. It can mean different things to different people. Faith can mean the power to get through the next two weeks. Faith can mean marking the halfway point. Faith can mean understanding that you have to accept what’s happened, however it turns out.” – Arch Campbell, Washingtonian magazine March 2007 issue.

Me, I have a lot of faith. And I agree, faith does not have to be religious. I am by no means a very religious person. Although I spent 12 years in a Catholic school where we pray every single time a teacher goes inside our classroom, a mass for every holy day, rosary here and there and so on and so forth I haven’t been going to mass as much as a true Catholic should. And I feel guilty about that. But that does not mean that I do not believe. It does not mean I have totally shunned my religion. As a matter of fact I have a lot more faith than I did when I was younger. I put all my trust in the Lord at all times. I know that He will never forsake me, the sinner that I am. I leave everything in His hands – all my life and all that I have. I have faith.

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