Mass for the Dead

smpimg22.jpgWe came in, my husband and I, just when the church bells just started to ring. Solemnly, people lined up to go in, the usher wordlessly directing people inside. We acknowledge each other’s presence with nods and a hint of a smile. Then we all sat down and waited. Some kneeled and fervently prayed. The first thing you hear though when you open the doors was the haunting violin music filling the room. On the far left corner stood the violinist. A man in a dark suit playing with his eyes closed. We take in the music as we are engulfed in the sad melody. It reminds me a lot of the musicians on the Titanic, playing their last songs. The mood is the same. Only we weren’t sinking, we were only wallowing in grief.
It doesn’t matter that we live a few hundred miles away from where it happened. Nor does it matter that we don’t know anyone there personally. What matters is that we are grieving. For the lives lost, for the promising future of young people and for a man we could never understand (what drove him to such madness). It is a universal feeling – grief. In the face of adversity, trials and calamities, a collective human spirit stands the test of time.
I prayed with eyes closed that I cannot hear anything but my own thoughts, my own prayers. I stole a glance at my husband, who reluctantly came with me at first but is now deep in prayer as well.
We don’t know anyone who died but we have families just as the victims did. We grieve for families and friends. We grieve as a nation. We grieve as human beings.

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