Virginia Tech shooting

Yesterday was slated to be the memorial day for the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre. Maroon and orange is Virginia Tech’s school colors and people wore maroon and orange shirts or just maroon or orange as a sign of respect. The boys wore maroon and orange for school. They handed out maroon ang orange ribbons at the gym where I work out and all of us wore it on top of our gymwear.
I am deeply saddened by the senseless deaths of the victims. Most of them were so young! One student haven’t even decided yet what to major in. No one can really comprehend what was going on in the shooter’s mind when he did these heinous acts. He was allegedly depressed, bullied and a loner. That is not an excuse of course to kill people but it certainly fit the profile of a violent person. Watching crime shows, forensic shows, shows on serial killers, shouldn’t someone have picked up the red flags on this person? And the parents! They have not come out (probably for fear of retribution) but shouldn’t they have at least issued a statement of apology for the victims’ families? Why didn’t they seek help when they saw that their child was a deeply troubled man? Why didn’t they send him to counseling? So many questions but no clear answers.
I refuse to watch the shooter’s videos that he sent to NBC nor do I want to look at his pictures which is very disturbing to be shown to children.
Speaking of children, the school newsletter suggested that we should talk to kids about this incident in an age appropriate manner. I spared the kids the pictures though and DH barred them from watching the video online. It is such a sad sad world we live in now and as parents we try our best to protect our children from such atrocities and make sure that we provide them with a safe and loving place – here, beside us.

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