smpimg34.jpgI believe that our doorbell is possessed. DH changed it a few weeks ago and it would suddenly ring even though there’s no one outside. Or it would have this “clock chime” very much like a grandfather clock. I joked that our doorbell has an identity crisis, it does not know whether it’s a doorbell or a clock. It is very weird but DH blames it on the cold weather. He says that somehow the cold affects the chimes. Whatever, I still think it is possessed. That there’s some evil spirit lurking in the shadows with the intention of driving me crazy. Sometimes it would ring in the wee hours of the morning. The first time it happened, DH and I rushed to the door to see who it was, thinking that it was an emergency. Well, no one’s there and we just went back to bed but I lay awake that night thinking, tossing and turning. Sometimes I think crazy kids just out trying to have fun but I look out the window and no one’s there. It would ring on different times of the day and sometimes what bugs me is when I am in the bathroom and it rings, I rush outside the bathroom only to find out no one’s there. It drives me nuts! DH asked me if I wanted it removed but I said no, how do we know if there really is someone there? Even the dogs are confused. They bark whenever they hear the doorbell and wait for someone to come to the door but when we see that no one’s there, they just turn and do their thing. For now, I endure the chimes and hope that one day it’ll stop. Let’s hope when the warm weather comes that it’s all going to be normal again or else I’ll have to call an exorcist. LOL

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