Snowy Day

smpimg29.jpgIt snowed unexpectedly yesterday. A blizzardlike cascade of big white fluffy stuff. The weather forecast said rain or sleet, no mention about snow. I even checked where they have hour-by-hour weather forecasts but it just said rain. The view from my window says otherwise. It is snowing! The kids were nonchalant this time. We’ve had a few scares this winter but no accumulations over 2 inches. They continued playing with their Wii and so did their Dad who was playing the playstation. I, on the other hand am content surfing the ‘net. Just sparing a glance or two at the window. By the time we all really looked 6 inches fell to the ground and we all had to come out with shovels, the boys with sleds as we finally realized that the snow, this time, has gotten serious.

It got warmer later in the day though. And the warm weather melted some of the ice. It signaled that it will not be a snow day tomorrow though and I guess the kids knew. Which is just as well. They already maxed out all their snow days and if they call school off tomorrow then they will have to make it up and will cut into their vacation time. Now we don’t want that.

We just looked in awe at nature, amazed at how clean it looks. Everything is white and all the imperfections like cracks in the sidewalks and fallen dead branches, naked tree branches looked picturesque being covered with the snow. I raised my head to the sky and saw snow falling from the sky. It was such an amazing sight! This is one of the days you’re happy to be alive and well.

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