The sun is finally shining! The snow and ice is still on the ground but the sun is melting it down and the sidewalks are getting slippery as it glistens in the morning sun. The kids went back to school today, (woohoo!!!) after almost 7 days of staying at home. They’re not happy but I am. I can finally go back to my routine once again. I feel guilty sometimes that I am happy whenever they’re in school and I have some time to myself. I feel like I’m being selfish. But then again I need a break. Being their round the clock nanny and maid sometimes gets pretty taxing. I think I’m a better Mom when I have some time for myself.

We just got back from FL for my niece’s 2nd bday. She’s grown big and pretty and rambunctious! She calls me tah-tah (for tita) and I love it! She immediately let me carry her even though we haven’t seen each other in a year. Maybe it’s because she knows my voice as I talk to her Mom almost every day. My sister’s house looks nice and homey now. It is tastefully decorated and they did a lot to their house since we were there a year ago. She made a lot of friends in the short time they were living there. As usual, I cooked but some friends did pitch in and helped with the cooking so it wasn’t as hard for me. I did the baking before we came over so that was one less thing to worry about too. The boys played with other kids. It was a costume party and it was such a blast seeing little kids wearing fairy, princess, dalmatian costumes, etc. Overall, the party was a success and we had a blast. Now to catch some zzzzzzzzs after that long journey.

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